To sweet your heart!

    • dessert

    • Visible


      150 kr

      Almond and osmanthus mousse, fig, raspberry and osmanthus marmalade, raspberry soufflé glacé, fig sorbet and osmanthus gelée.

    • Invisible


      150 kr

      Pear mousse, chocolate sorbet, poached pear, chocolate sauce.

    • Ice Cream & Sorbet

      Ice Cream & Sorbet

      100 kr

      Choose 2 from 4 flavors: Nuts(almond, hazelnuts), Chocolate, Strawberry sorbet, Coconut sorbet

    • Pralines

      80 kr

      Choose 3: Almond&Hazelnuts, Chili, Cappuccino, Passion Fruit, Licorice, Mint

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