12 Harbin Engineering Lab

Yes, it is a restaurant!

You can work as an engineer

and someone in the restaurant

at the same time. 😛

You know that we do experiments in the kitchen

and will test on you?

Well, our story started from a midnight talk in a long dark winter night before a Christmas… We are so eager to find some place as our dreamland, where we can satisfy our own stomach and show our friends more of the charm of Chinese food and culture, not only the history and traditions, but also the China today!

Food, food… The taste of the food is definitely the  most important! But  color, aroma (色香味) and shape, they are also part of the food. We would like you to fall in love with the food from first sight, we would like you to start the imagination from reading the names, we would like you to expect more from some gusts of on-going dishes from our kitchen!

There are many challenges here for an engineer to start a restaurant, especially when we have our dreams, passion and true heart here. Language, service skills and the food development in the kitchen… compared to these, fixing machines in the kitchen is the easiest work in the restaurant!

But, we are already here! Do not forget the initial determination, and stay true to the mission.

We are here, from Harbin in China, background as engineers, want to talk to you more about our food and stories! Welcome!